Decorate like a (modern) minimalist ✨

Decorate like a (modern) minimalist ✨

The minimalist lifestyle for some can be considered ideal. If you’re like me, less is more. Some folks do like a cozier space, and if that’s your bag, I’ve got a blog for you too!  But for the month of June, we focus on my space savers.

Overall, the minimalist aesthetic in home decor incorporates dual purpose furniture, lots of natural light, verticals, and clean lines. In this months blog, I will walk you through some basic things that you can do at home to obtain a minimalist aesthetic at home. 

    1. Declutter | rather you’re moving into a new space or minimizing your current space, decluttering is key and essential to obtaining a minimalist home. Now this depends completely on your current decor and storage solutions. Since you’re here, you either have a ton of stuff or no storage solution. So we’re at the top of summer and I always recommend for folks to implement the age old “spring cleaning“ ritual. But if you haven’t done it yet, don’t fear. It’s still pretty early in the game, so use this time to go through any clothing items from your spring/summer wardrobe that you can’t fit haven’t worn or won’t wear. Pro tip: do this again at the end of summer moving into the fall season as you’re switching your wardrobe out. don’t just throw these things away, find a local shelter or donation facility that will accept these gently used items after you wash them. You can help other people in your community, it’s good for the soul, and you possibly can get a tax break for making a charitable donation! When you’re done with your closet, move on to the kitchen, living room, basement, any other rooms in the house that you can downsize on what you have. Decluttering is essentially getting down to the bare necessities.            
    2. Clean lines | Modern minimalist designs are all about creating clean, visually-appealing lines. This means incorporating furniture with straight edges, squared doorways, and geometric decor. The name of this game is to keep it simple.               

    3. Mirror mirror | Mirrors help open up any space, but they’re also excellent for minimalist decor because they’re simple, functional, and stylish! Wall mirrors, floor mirrors, big mirrors, little mirrors. Put some in your room! And a little hint, mirrors are not just for the bedroom or the bathroom. Throw a beautiful large floor mirror in your living room or dining room for a little drama.            

    4. Furniture | Furniture that serves at least two functions can easily prevent your home from looking visually cluttered. Repurpose old furniture or decor and make it functional.  Pro design tip: furniture can also be used as decor.
Modern minimalist design is a highly sought after aesthetic. Just check out Pinterest. People all over are looking for ideas and concepts to keep their home interesting, but to tone down the overall load that the home carries. When your home is cluttered, your mind is cluttered. It’s easier to be more productive, and with more of us working from home these days, we all need a little bit more productivity. Efficiency is highly promoted by clean open spaces. So get moving and get started. And remember that if you need any assistance with your interior design plan, Branded Interiors is able to assist you virtually, just book a discovery call to discuss your idea(s).  
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