Interior Design Trends That Will Make It Big In 2023!

Interior Design Trends That Will Make It Big In 2023!

Whether you're decorating your home from scratch, purchasing a new one, or just giving your existing space a quick refresh, you’re most likely trying to figure out what the next popular interior design trends are. 

Design trends are undoubtedly fickle and fall in and out of fashion within a flash, which makes it difficult to keep up with the latest hits. So to help you out, we’ve listed down the top trends predicted for 2023 that are sure to satisfy even the hardest of aesthetes and transform a home into a trendy yet welcoming sanctuary. 

Rich And Saturated Colors

“Some have been hesitant to incorporate red into their homes, but with everyone out and about again and traveling, I see people being bolder and more fearless in their selections,” said Meredith Ellis. As such, 2023 is predicted to feature bold hues, including: 

  • Vining Ivy: Being a traditional and elegant hue, vining ivy is an excellent fit for a broad range of products, such as office furniture, kitchenware, front doors, bedrooms, and sitting rooms. 
  • Digital Lavender: This gentle pastel promotes better mental health and invites freshness and versatility into any space. 
  • Earth Rose: As a deeper shade of pink, Earth rose works great in home theatres and bedrooms when paired with dark wood and golden tones. 
  • Latex Red: An eye-catchy shade that creates statements and focal points in your space. 

  • Texture Everywhere

    While the benefits of texture have been long known, 2023 interior design trends are predicted to highlight and infuse textured features into homes like never before. 

    Trends like limewash walls, plaster hoods, and marble countertops for kitchens, while natural materials like cork, bamboo, wood, and sisal (incorporated through furniture and window coverings) for bedrooms and living rooms will be popular choices. 

    Wellness-Promoting Features

    With people beginning to spend more time at home, elements that promote wellness are predicted to become the new norm for 2023 design trends. Examples include under-cabinet refrigerators in bathrooms to store skincare products, at-home coffee stations, home spas, meditation rooms, and a biophilic design reflected throughout the home. 

    Unique Window Treatments

    The need to maximize natural light in our homes has resulted in large windows becoming common. With that, more embellishments on window treatments are also expected in 2023. 

    From Roman shades and woven wood shades to luxury sheers and shaped cornices, details that make window treatments appear more personalized and are capable of injecting an exciting punch to the streamlined and simple counterparts are anticipated. 


    Trends don’t matter unless they truly reflect your lifestyle and taste — after all, changes you make to your interior need to last for several years. Therefore, it’s best to follow your instincts rather than blindly jumping into any and every predicted trend. 

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