Prep For Delivery

Prep For Delivery

Tis the season for furniture shopping, and we are SO excited for some of your new faves as we see repeat orders on great pieces like the Jones Bed, the Rishi Black Rope Table, and the Roxie Concrete Dining Table

One of the most common follow up messages we get is "I can't get this thing IN my house...HELP!"  So we started putting a one pager guide together to help you in the shopping stage to ensure a smooth transition for you or the freight handler.  

Step 1:  Prior to delivery, you should determine if your new furniture will fit into your space. Plan your layout, noting the position of windows, doors, light fixtures, heating vents and electrical outlets. Sketch ideas in the space to the right.

Step 2: Measure height and width of all the doorways, both inside and out, through which your furniture will need to pass. Don’t forget to note the dimensions of interior hallways and the presence of fixtures, banisters or interior walls that could limit entryway clearance or be obstacles to movement.

Step 3: Measure furniture’s height, depth and width, along with diagonal dimension (as shown below).

Step 4: Compare residence and furniture dimensions to ensure furniture will fit through all doorways and passageways. 


If you're more visual like me, check out the illustrative one pager in this blog post.


Happy Shopping!!


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