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If you're ready to make some updates to a current space, or curate a new one, Branded Interiors creative services menu has got you covered! 

It all starts with a 15 minute discovery call.

  • New Home Styling

    Branded Interiors offers comprehensive interior decorating, space planning, home furnishing, and remodeling within our interior decorating services for your new home or starting anew in your existing home.

    All of our work is original and custom curated to meet your vision and goals.

    Unique design and quality custom furnishings are the cornerstone of great interiors. We procure the best for those who expect the best.

  • Staging For Sale or Rent


    Book a Walk & Talk Staging Consultation as your starting point to staging day. during this time together, we will have a short interview, review my process, conduct an initial walkthrough together, review staging requirements, BI will conduct a more thorough walkthrough, and furnish a full staging report via email within two business days.


    Book a Vacant Staging Consultation if you have an empty space that you would like to have staged for sale or rent. During this consultation, BI will assess each space to determine the most efficient use of your space to quickly sell your home for top dollar. BI will leverage key pieces and decor items that appeal to most serious buyers.

  • Airbnb

    For Airbnb Plus hosts, the art of hosting is rooted in making guests feel special and comfortable. At Branded Interiors, we work with you to design a space that is beautiful, moderate, and functional for those amazing photos. We aim to design your space to set the scene for your guests, and provide them with an outstanding experience, and you with 5-star reviews.

    Book an Airbnb Staging session and let’s get your Airbnb booked! We can meet virtually worldwide.

  • E-Design

    If you love a good DIY (do-it-yourself), than this is the service for you. The benefit of E-Design is that it gives you the flexibility to work your space(s) at your pace and in the constraints of your budget.


    What is E-Design?

    E-design is interior design services offered online. With this service, BI offer a simple, affordable alternative to my full-service interior design. E-design is perfect for clients who want design direction and designer expertise, but don’t mind doing a little legwork to prepare, manage, and implement the project themselves.


    The process:

    A discovery call to understand your needs and desires for your space(s)

    Design preparation

    Design a functional creation that aligns with your vision and budget, which is accompanied by a customized DIY outline to guide you every step of the way.

  • Color Consultation

    Did you know color theory and color psychology is a thing? The colors we see daily in our home have many impacts on us. Color impacts the way we think and feel, draws the eye to certain points, and can even make it break the sale or rental of your property. As a renter or homeowner, color is relative to you as an individual, and should complement your lifestyle. As a seller, you want to appeal to quality buyers. Book a color consultation to get started on the best pallet for your market and boost the sale price and time on your home.

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